Asbestos Home Testing Kit (Premium SLGI Certified Test)

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Asbestos Home Testing Kit (Premium SLGI Certified Test)
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  • Detects Presence of Asbestos Fibers at Home or Work Enviornment
  • Results Available in Approximately 5 Business Days after Sample is Received
  • No Additional Lab Fees (EPA Standard Testing)
  • Asbestos exposure can lead to severe illness and even death with large exposures. If you live in an older home and are at all concerned about you and your family's exposure to asbestos, take a proactive step and test the home yourself!
  • SLGI Certified Test Kit is easy and simple to use. All tests are conducted using EPA-approved methods and meet all EPA, State and certification agencies requirements. Kit comes complete with everything needed to sample for the amount of Asbestos in the home or office. Simply ship your sample to the lab in the original sample box. The analysis Fee is included in the kit purchase price. NO hidden fees.
  • According to WHO, Currently About 125 Million People Worldwide are Exposed to Asbestos

Breathing asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. If you are not sure that your home or work environment is safe from asbestos fibers, this test kit includes everything to make sure you are not at risk.

 There are about 4,800 asbestos-related lung cancer deaths in the United States each year. The second most diagnosed asbestos-related cancer is mesothelioma. Over 3,000 people in the U.S. are affected each year. Some other cancers that are confirmed to be caused by asbestos are ovarian cancer and laryngeal cancer.

 The risk of colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, kidney cancer and cancer of the esophagus are thought to increase with increased exposure to asbestos.

This Asbestos Home Testing Kit checks for the presence of cancer-causing asbestos fibers. It is easy, simple to use and run by EPA-approved methods and meets all EPA, State and certification agencies requirements. The test kit comes complete with everything needed to sample for the amount of asbestos in the home or office. Analysis Fee is included in the price.

This kit contains:

  • Dust mask
  • Small plastic bag with zip closures
  • Chain of custody form
  • Pre-packaged gloves
  • Return ship label and bag

Do It Yourself - It's Fast & Easy!

  1. Collect sample, seal and put it back in the kit box.
  2. Ship back to the lab in the included envelope.
  3. No hidden fees.
  4. Professional and accurate test results sent to you within approximately 5 business days upon receipt of kit.


  • What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral the environment. Made up of long, thin fibers which look like fiberglass, the mineral is used in several products. It has great strengthening, heat and sound-proofing capability, which is why, it’s used to make different products that include – ceiling and floor tiles, fire-resistant clothing, brake pads, pipe insulation and paint etc.

When inhaled, asbestos fibers may become lodged in the microscopic tubules of your lungs and can cause asbestosis or lung cancer. Workers involved in shipbuilding trades, asbestos mining and milling, manufacturing of asbestos textiles and other asbestos products have been found to be particularly exposed and more susceptible to asbestosis which may be characterized by pain in the chest or abdomen or by shortage of breath. Presence of asbestos can be detected by various asbestos testing services which are often based on polarized light microscopy (PLM).

  • How do you become exposed with Asbestos?

The EPA may have established a broad ban on asbestos use, it still poses a health hazard in offices, schools and homes. The asbestos fibers are released after the breakdown of man-made products, including paints, caulking, table pads, insulation, draperies, roof shingles, cement, ceiling and floor tiles, hair dryers and so on. When asbestos become friable i.e. it becomes powdery, cracked, chipped, crumbly, flaky or decayed, then its fibers get released in the air and easily inhaled.

  •  What can asbestos exposure do to you?

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has determined that asbestos is a known carcinogen. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are asbestos containing materials in most of the nation’s 107,000 schools and over 733,000 public and commercials buildings.

 When inhaled, even in small amounts, the asbestos fibers may result in serious diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis (similar to emphysema it causes scarring of lungs), and mesothelioma (a cancer of the chest and abdominal linings causes fatal tumors). Exposure to asbestos may also increase the risk of other throat and gastrointestinal cancers.


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    Asbestos check of old tile and glue

    Posted by Jerry Bridges on Dec 5th 2017

    Test Kit was easy to use and it provided me with the assurance that my samples were asbestos free after the test results were finalized.