PetConfirm - General Wellness Home Test Kit For Cats

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Cat Wellness Home Testing Kit
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  • Screens for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Diabetes and Kidney Failure
  • Detects Blood, Glucose and Protein in Animal Urine
  • Non-Invasive and Pain-Free Testing
  • Diabetes and Kidney Problems are 7 Times More Common in Cats Than Other Animals (Banfield Pet Hospital)
  • Early Detection May Save Your Cat's Life

The PetConfirm™ General Wellness test is a reagent strip device intended for the early screening of common health conditions such as urinary tract infection, diabetes and kidney failure.

The test detects the following parameters in animal urine:

  • Blood
  • Glucose
  • Protein 

As pets often do not show any clinical symptoms until the disease is in an advanced stage, it is strongly recommended to check their health conditions on a regular basis.  Preventive healthcare is crucial, especially with dogs and cats that are middle-aged and overweight.

If detected early, an abnormal condition can be treated promptly, reducing the chances of a serious medical or surgical intervention.


  • Test device in a foil pouch
  • Color Chart Card
  • Instructions for use 


  • Do not touch reagent pads on strips
  • Do not use test after the expiration date
  • Test is single-use only
  • Wash hands carefully after testing
  • Not suited for color-blind people 


Store test device in its foil pouch in a dry area at room temperatures, until ready to use.


Collect urine specimen using the following methods:

        - Dogs: free catch in urine stream with container

        - Cats: with clean gravel or non-absorbent litter

Urine should be used within 1 hour after it is excreted.

Only 2 to 3 ml, or a spoonful of urine specimen is needed for testing.

This PetConfirm® instant home testing kit for cats is recommended by veterinarians. It provides an easy and reliable way for cat owners to monitor their pet's general health condition right in the comfort of their own home, without having to visit the vet's clinic constantly. This test is especially beneficial for old or overweight cats and those that may be high risk for cat diabetesUTI, or kidney disease. The test is a simple dipstick that can detect glucose, blood and protein in cat urine


Cat urine can be collected easily by using non-absorbent cat litter. This material allows the urine to collect at the bottom of the tray or litter box. Commercially available non-absorbent cat litter typically comes with a pipette so you can easily transfer your pet's urine into a clean container. You will only need from 2 to 3 ml or a spoonful of your cat's urine in which to immerse the dipstick in for 10 seconds. Set the dipstick on a flat surface and wait for the result. The urine should be used within an hour of collection.

Cats are stoic. They hide their pain or medical condition very well. They do not display clinical symptoms until the problem is in an advanced stage. It is up to their owners to spot subtle changes in their behavior that could mean they may be suffering from a host of common cat illnesses. If you observe a sudden change in weight or urinating habits, it is a good idea to do a general wellness test at home. This rapid test kit will indicate whether your cat may need to see the veterinarian. 


  1. Put the cat litter in a tray to obtain the cat’s urine.
  2. Collect the urine from the bottom of the tray using the pipette.
  3. Put the urine in the tube provided.
  4. Add the chemical and wait for a color change as instructed.
  5. Compare with color charts.
  6. Record result with date, time, and weight of the cat.