PurTest Educational Water Project Kit for 30 Students

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PurTest School Project Water Test Kit
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  • Includes Testing for Iron, Chlorine, Copper, Nitrates, Nitrites, Alkalinity, pH and Hardness in Water
  • Effective and Fun Way to Teach Children about Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Conservation
  • Ideal for Science Fair Projects, School Group Activities and Even Home Use
  • Teacher Lesson Plan and Manual Included

Water testing activities in schools motivates students to learn about the chemicals and contents that are found within water supplies. The act of collecting samples from a drinking source particularly raises their awareness of the importance of water sanitation.

This PurTest Educational Water Project kit is designed for 30 students and practically includes all tools the students and the teacher need to study water. It is perfect for science fair projects, small group experiments and even home use. The kits also allows the students to test for some of the most common chemicals occurring in the water, such as Iron, Chlorine, Copper, Nitrates, Nitrites, Alkalinity, pH and Hardness.

 PurTest Educational Water Project kit includes:

  • 1 Teacher Lesson Plan and Manual For Standard Kit
  • 30 Test Strips For Alkalinity /pH/Hardness
  • 30 Test Strips For Chlorine/Copper/Nitrate/Nitrite
  • 30 Reagent Tablets (in foils) for the Iron Test
  • 30 Test vials
  • 30 3ml Pipettes

Who benefits from water education programs?

Aside from students, other parties that will benefit from water education programs are educators, parents and the community. In the United States, over a dozen of educational resources, programs and initiatives for water are lined up in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website http://water.epa.gov/learn/resources/index.cfm. These programs are intended for adults and water professionals, as well as elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. 

Why do children need to learn water sanitation?

Participating in water-related educational activities develops and raises children’s responsibility and awareness for water sanitation and conservation. One of the primary objectives of educational water learning programs is to help educators and children deal with sanitation, water supply and hygiene. The activity guidelines are usually structured to match children’s age groups and their ongoing development.


What are the common materials used in school water testing projects?

If your school is distributing educational water test kits for a science project, tools like pipettes, test tubes and well plates for holding water are normally included in the kit. The same goes for common substances that need to be tested. This PurTest Educational Water Project kit already include the teacher’s lesson plan, reading manual, test vials, pipettes, and test strips for each substances to be tested.