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Avuncular DNA Home Test Kit

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 Avuncular DNA Home Test Kit
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Our 2-Person Avuncular Testing Kits uses 23 Genetic Markers to Compare a Child’s DNA Pattern With That of an Alleged Aunt or Uncle to Determine if There is a Match. Our Home DNA Avuncular Tests use the most advanced technology as well as the highest quality materials, making this test one of the top of the line tests on the market. This test kit provides fast results in approximately 24 to 48 hours and is accurate and reliable.

  • Blood versus Buccal Test Collection Methods Options:
    • Buccal - Simple Cheek Swab Collection 
    • Blood -  Non-Invasive Blood Spot Collection
  • Legal and Non-Legal Testing Options are Available for Both Blood and Buccal Collection Methods
  • Non-Legal vs. Legal Tests - Legal Tests May Be Held Up in Court Whereas Non-Legal Tests Can Not
  • Results Typically Available Approximately 2-3 Business Days After Receipt of Sample at the Lab
  • Donors May Request a Hard Copy of the Results to be Mailed for an Additional Fee 
  • Due to State Law, This Test Can Not Be Shipped to NY

Avuncular tests calculate the likelihood of relatedness between a child and an aunt or uncle. Because a child inherits exactly half of its genes from its biological father, and because the biological father shares (on average) half of his genes in common with his full sibling, the child will share (on average) half of its paternal genes in common with the full sibling of the biological father. Based upon the number of genetic matches, the laboratory calculates the statistical likelihood that the alleged aunt/uncle is biologically related to the child versus being unrelated.