How Hormone Imbalance Takes a Toll on Your Skin

How Hormone Imbalance Takes a Toll on Your Skin

Posted by Katherine Clarke on May 11th 2017

'Hormone Imbalance' is a misunderstood term. Mainly associated with women and teenagers, it can also affect men. Also, it's a myth that hormone imbalance is related to age or menopause. People of any age can suffer from hormone imbalance and suffer from its side-effects.

When hormones go awry (which they can, at any point in time), they affect different parts of the body. But the most obvious signs of hormone imbalance are on the skin. Breakouts, wrinkles and rashes are some of the common symptoms that can be triggered by high or low levels of certain hormones in the body.

Want to know which hormones are responsible for the skin troubles you've had for years? Worried about hormones sabotaging your skin? Looking for a way out of your skin problems by tackling those unruly hormones? We've all the answers you'll possibly need!

This infographic throws a light on hormone imbalance and how it takes a toll on your skin. Read it to brush up your knowledge on hormones, what causes hormone imbalance, common skin problems caused and the possible solutions.