Dust Mite Home Test Kit

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At home Dust Mite Detection Kit
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  • Our Indoor Dust Mite Test Kit Is Used to Identify Dust Mite Allergens In Your Home
  • Our Test Is Quick And Easy to Use and Includes One Sample Collection Device For Sampling A Surface
  • Results Typically Available 3-5 Business Days After Receipt Of Sample At The Lab
  • No Additional Lab Fees
  • Did You Know That Roughly 4 out of 5 Homes Have Dust Mites In At Least One Bed?

Some Facts You May Not Know About Dust Mites:

  • Dust Mites Are One of The Most Common Allergens In the U.S.
  • They Can Be Found In Beds, Couches, Carpets, Curtains, Etc
  • They Absorb Moisture Through Their Bodies So They Can’t Thrive In Low Humidity
  • Dust Mites Feed On Dead Skin Cells Of Humans And Pets So It’s Important to Keep Linens Clean and Carpets Vacuumed

Some Tips For Getting Rid of Dust Mites:

  • Wash Linens, Curtains, Blankets, Etc. In Very Hot Water
  • Be Sure to Vacuum on a Regular Basis Using a Vacuum With a HEPA Filter
  • Freeze Stuffed Animals to Kill Dust Mites
  • Use Anti-Allergy Mattress Covers
  • Keep Humidity in Your House Lower Than 50%

 Who Should Use The Dust Mite Test Kit?

  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Insurance Claim Adjusters
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Homeowners
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Building Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Facility Operators
  • Architects
  • Government Officials
  • Engineers
  • County, City, and State Officials
  • Building Maintenance Supervisors
  • Test and Balance Professionals
  • Educators
  • School and Plant Operators
  • Hospital Engineers
  • Physicians