Hygiena AquaSnap Free Water Contamination ATP Test Swabs (100/Pack)(AQ-100FX)

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Hygiena AquaSnap Swab Free Water ATP Testing Device
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  • Identifies Free ATP in Liquid Samples (100 µl)
  • Used in Conjunction with the SystemSURE Plus Luminometer
  • Ideal for Hygiene Testing in Food and Beverage, Water Quality, Healthcare Industry and More
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  • As this product is temperature-sensitive, we cannot accept returns once this product leaves our facility.
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The AquaSnap Free tests for the ATP molecule, which is found in and around living cells. ATP residue can harbor and grow bacteria or cause cross-contamination, develop biofilm or lead to other contamination problems.

Hygiena's AquaSnap Free ATP testing kit is the quickest and easiest way to test for dissolved ATP that is free floating in liquid.

It is ideal for:

  • Doctor's offices
  • Hospitals
  • Dentist's offices
  • Cruise ships
  • Fitness facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Spas and pools
  • Water facilities
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Farms
  • Any place where water contamination is a concern

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"Great quality, love the reading and results display"- Jennifer

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Directions for Use

You will need: a Hygiena AquaSnap Free testing kit, a luminometer, a water sample.

  • Allow the AquaSnap Free testing device to come to room temperature.
  • Shake water sample prior to testing.
  • Forcefully flick the AquaSnap Free ATP testing device in a downward motion to release the extractant liquid from the dipper tip.
  • Remove dipper from tube of testing device.
  • Submerge the dipper tip into the water sample, making sure to submerge it completely, for one or two seconds. Do not swirl the device. Dip it up and down in a steady, vertical motion.
  • Place the dipper tip back into the tube.
  • If you've programmed locations into your luminometer to be tested, select the location you are testing.
  • Holding the collection device in your fist, use your thumb to break the Snap Valve by bending it forward and then use your finger to bend it back to ensure it is completely broken.
  • Squeeze the bulb of the Snap Valve twice to ensure all the liquid inside goes into the tube.
  • Gently shake the entire tube for five seconds so the sample mixes with the liquid.
  • Insert the test into the read chamber of the luminometer and close the lid.
  • Make sure luminometer is upright and press ‘OK' to begin the measurement.
  • The results will be ready to read in 15 seconds.
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      Good Display of Results

      Posted by Jenifer on Oct 3rd 2016

      Great quality, love the reading and results display