Hygiena AquaSnap Total Water Contamination ATP Test Swabs(100/Pack)(AQ-100X)

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Hygiena AquaSnap Total Water Quality Sampling Swab
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  • Identifies Microbial and Non-Microbial ATP in Liquid Samples (100 µl)
  • Used in Conjunction with the SystemSURE Plus Luminometer
  • Ideal for Hygiene Testing in Food and Beverage, Water Quality, Healthcare Industry and More
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  • As this product is temperature-sensitive, we cannot accept returns once this product leaves our facility. 
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NOTE: This product must be used with the SystemSURE Plus ATP Hygiene Monitoring System. 

Aquasnap is a user-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with the SystemSURE Plus luminometer. This pen-sized ATP water testing device is easy to use and collects 100 µl of water in the honeycomb-shaped dipper.

Aquasnap uses Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent in place of the freeze-dried enzymes used in other ATP testing devices. This provides better accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength and more reproducible results. 

Device Design 

  • Easy-to-use
  • Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze
  • Honeycomb-shaped collection tip (100 µl)
  • Self-contained, liquid-stable reagent
  • Write-on swab label
  • 100 Tests per case 

Shelf Life 

  • 12 months at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC)
  • 4 weeks at room temperature (21-25ºC) 

Compatible Luminometer 


  • Costs up to 50% less than competitors' ATP water tests
  • No reagent wastage
  • Consistent, reliable results
  • AOAC Certification

What You Need to Know About the AquaSnap   

Monitoring Water 

Water is an essential part of our world. From the water we drink to the water we use to clean our food, equipment and many more. Like the different equipment we use, it is just as important to continuously monitor the degree of sanitation of our water supplies. This can be done through the measurement of contaminants by measuring the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) they excrete. It is essential to detect ATP because all living organisms including bacteria create ATP.  

Hygiena has created two types of ATP meters especially designed to detect ATP in liquid mediums. The first device is called the AquaSnap Free and the other device is called the AquaSnap Total. From the outside it would seem like they are one and the same product. Both devices are a wand type device which features a honey-combed tip on one end and a plastic bulb filled with solution on the other end.  

How is AquaSnap used  

The honey-combed tip for both devices is used to collect exactly the same amount of water sample every time. The tip collects 100 microliters every time you use the ATP meter. This is to make sure the results are as accurate and precise as possible. This is also to make sure the amount of contaminants is the same across the different testing sites and different testing times. This also decreases the possibility of varying results when different users employ the test. 

After getting the sample, the liquid solution on the other end is released through a special Snap Valve and mixed with the sample. The device is then inserted in to a Hygienaluminometer which reads the samples, analyzes it and then gives out the results. 

Two Parts of the AquaSnap 

As mentioned before, the AquaSnap detects ATP by using two ATP meters, namely the AquaSnap Total and the AquaSnap Free. In order to determine the accurate number of contaminants, it is important to employ both devices to test different samples. 

1) AquaSnap Total

 This device measures both microbial and non-microbial ATP in the samples. It is able to detect ATP regardless if it comes from a microbe or not. 

2) AquaSnap Free

The ATP meter on the other hand detects free ATP in the sample. This type of ATP does not come from microbials and is not considered a contaminant. 

When you use the two together and get their difference, you can compute for how much ATP is from microbials and can thus determine the degree of contamination of the sample. 

AquaSnap Features 

1) Easy to Use

2) Results in 10 minutes

3) Accurate results

4) Sensitive and reproducible

5) Recyclable plastic

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"Could not have been easier and so far I am very pleased with the product. Great value." - Marcus



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    Great Value

    Posted by Marcus on Oct 3rd 2016

    Could not have been easier and so far I am very pleased with the product. Great value

  • 5
    Good Prices

    Posted by Chung on Sep 19th 2016

    Better pricing than others. Customer service is good. I called and asked for bulk pricing. Got a good deal!