Hygiena EnSure ATP Test Luminometer

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Hygeina EnSure ATP Testing Luminometer
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    • Highly Sensitive Quality Monitoring System (Detects 0.01 Femtomoles of ATP)
    • Designed for Multiple Quality and Food Safety Tests
    • Used for ATP, Microorganism, Process Efficiency, Allergen Prevention Testing
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Hygiena EnSURE atp meter is a quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators. Using new state-of-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple-to-use, flexible and accurate quality monitoring system. 

Hygiena atp meters measure ATP at the location and display results numerically in Relative Light Units (RLU) by using bio-luminescence technology. The contamination results are easy to understand. Higher the RLU, higher the ATP and vice versa.hygiena-rlu.jpg

The EnSURE atp meter is an easy-to-use, flexible and accurate quality monitoring system. The avant-garde system uses one instrument platform for collecting, analyzing and reporting data from multiple quality indicators. 

Use it to run multiple tests on a single system 

The EnSURE system has been designed to be utilized for multiple quality tests. This includes using the system to monitor ATP hygiene monitoring or rapid microorganism tests for environmental monitoring with its expanded program. Additionally, it can also be used for product testing, testing cooking proficiency, and pasteurization, etc.   

 Here is a current list of tests that can be run on the Hygeina EnSURE atp meter:

ATP Tests


High Sensitivity ATP/Allergen Prevention



Indicator Organisms

Listeria species

E. coli

Total Viable Count

Listeria monocytogenes

Pathogen Tests


Acid phosphatase

Alkaline phosphatase

Process Efficiency Tests

Smaller box, better technology 

The EnSURE atp luminometer is a compact system that replaces bulky Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) sensors with an advanced Photodiode sensor technology. It also offers more sensitivity and stability and makes the device smaller, lightweight, durable and long-lasting as opposed to systems that come with a large, fragile PMT sensor. 

Minimal size, maximum durability 

The EnSURE atp meter is designed to offer maximum convenience for users. They can single-handedly use the system with easy menu navigation among other features. Don’t go by the petite shape and size of EnSURE atp meter as it’s immensely durable. This is evident from its rugged outer shell and a splash-proof keypad. No wonder, it’s handy even in the harshest environments. There’s also a complimentary carrying case, including a shoulder strap. This allows hands-free transportation to various facilities and offers extra protection. 

  • Width: 7.6 cm

  • Height: 17.8 cm

  • Depth: 3 cm

  • Weight: 9.1 oz 

Proven performance 

Hygiena ATP monitoring systems are popular in the food and beverage industry. For over a decade, they have been used by several food and beverage processors. Designed to last and perform better than most of the systems in the market, it has proven itself time and again. The largest ATP study by a premium food and beverage reference lab confirms this fact. 


  • A single instrument that does all the work – collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators. 

Compatible Tests

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 **Due to new restrictions, we are unable to ship this product outside of the U.S. 

  • Sensitive - can detect down to 0.01 femtomoles of ATP
  • Advanced photodiode sensor technology - Internal solid state detector is not affected by drops or shakes
  • Storage:
  • 100 programmable test plans
  • 200 programmable user IDs
  • 251 programmable locations per test plan
  • 5,000 programmable test locations
  • Small, lightweight, handheld instrument (0.57 lbs., 7 x 18. x 3 cm)
  • Quick-test mode enables ad-hoc testing
  • Large viewable screen with backlight and optional BOLD text
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries for several months of uninterrupted use
  • Connects to software via USB
  • Removable read chamber design allows for easy cleaning
  • Durable outside shell and sealed keypad to protect against splashes and wear
  • Original one-year warranty includes parts and labor (additional coverage available)
  • Software:
  • SureTrend - Result Database Management Software included
  • No license fees
  • Free version upgrades
  • Supports multiple Hygiena luminometers and/or facilities
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    • 5
      Hygenia Ensure ATP

      Posted by ACCOUNTS PAYABLE on Jan 2nd 2018

      I've used Hygenia ATP testers before and ordered it again for my new place of employment. It never disappoints!

    • 5
      Good Product!

      Posted by Jessica, TX on Sep 19th 2016

      Easy to work with and quick results. Good way to test hygiene of your restaurant.

    • 5
      Excellent Customer Service

      Posted by Christopher on Sep 19th 2016

      I placed an order today and was extremely impressed with the person you have answering the phones. The girl who took my order was very personable and helpfull. I will order ALL my supplies from you guys due to the super customer service I received today. Thanks again!