Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

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SLGi Indoor Air Quality Home Test Kit
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  • Detects Over 7,000 Compounds Affecting Indoor Air Quality in Home or Workplace
  • According to the WHO, 4.3 Million People a Year Die from the Exposure to Household Air Pollution
  • Meets NIOSH/OSHA Testing Requirements
  • Results Available in Approximately 5 Business Days after Sample is Received
  • No Additional Lab Fees and Pre-Paid Sample Return Shipping is Included


When you purchase the Indoor Air Quality Test Kit, you will receive a 3M Air Badge (an air quality monitoring device), a chain of custody form and a prepaid return shipping label along with a bag for shipping.


You simply use the 3M Air Badge as instructed, leaving it to hang for approximately 8 hours, fill out the chain of custody form and ship the Air Badge back to our laboratory for analysis. 


Cigarettes, varnishes, paints, building materials and solvents -- all of which are typically found in homes -- can release toxic organic chemicals that can affect the health of you and your family.


At their worst, these chemicals can increase the risk of cancer. The number of household items that contain organic chemicals are in the thousands and they will typically affect air quality indoors much higher than it will outdoors.


The Indoor Air Quality Test does not detect asbestos or mold.

This Indoor Air Quality Test Kit is designed to test for over 7,000 compounds affecting the indoor air quality of your home or office or any other indoor area you want to test. The test is conducted by NIOSH-approved methods and meets all NIOSH/OSHA, state and certification agency requirements.

The test kit is easy to use and comes complete with everything needed to sample the air. The analysis fee is included in the price, which means there are no hidden fees.

A professional, accurate and certified analytical report is sent within 5 business days after we receive your air sample and chain of custody form.