Instant Bed Bug Home Test Kit

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At Home Bed Bugs Screening Kit
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  • Bed Bugs Are Extremely Difficult To Manage And Minimize But Our Bed Bug Screen Check Can Assist In Identifying A Bed Bug Problem Earlier Before It Becomes A Major Infestation
  • Do You Suspect That You May Have Bed Bugs? This Test is The Perfect Test For You!
  • Bed Bugs Are Found In All 50 States And 1 in 5 People Have Had Bed Bugs Or Know Someone Who Has
  • Bed Bugs Can Live For Up To A Year Without Eating And They Can Lay Up To 500 Eggs In Their Lifetime
  • Bed Bugs Feed On Human Blood And While Bed Bug Bites Are Not Dangerous They Can Be Annoying, Uncomfortable And Itchy
  • Some Bed Bug Symptoms And Signs Include:
    • Small Flat or Raised Bumps on the Skin
    • Redness, Itching & Swelling On Bite Areas
    • Blood Stains On Your Bed Resembling Small Rust Stains
    • A Musty, Unpleasant Odor

We Recommend That You Place This Test In Living Areas That People Frequent Such As Beds, Couches And Other Upholstered Furniture.

Please Note: Our Bed Bugs Home Test Kit May Not Detect Bed Bugs 100% of the Time And It’s Possible That Bed Bugs May Be Present Even If None Are Detected on the Test

Bed Bugs Instant Detection Kit Instructions:

  • Fold And Tear Along Perforated Lines To Separate Sheets Into Three Different Sections
  • Peel Off Inner Release Liner
  • Fold Along Center Perforation
  • Gently Press So That Top Adheres To Bottom - Do Not Apply Too Much Pressure
  • Remove Outer Release Liner and Place In Desired Location
  • Inspect Test (Details In Kit)