All About Pet Wellness


What is Pet Wellness?

Pet wellness is all about taking care of your pet in a way that they live a healthy and worthy life. You must understand the fact that your pets depend on you for everything. Your pet will depend on you for nourishment, medical attention, exercise and safety. Therefore it’s your duty to provide your pet the best possible care to ensure pet health with proper nutrition, exercise, and medical attention. 

These four-legged animals age in the animal year considerably faster than the regular human year. Their quick aging makes it mandatory to visit the pet wellness centers or a veterinarian on a regular basis to detect any illness that they have. 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and Pfizer Animal Health, every pet owner should take their pets to the pet wellness centers for routine check-ups and preventive care at least two times per year.


Why is it important to Learn about Pet Wellness? 

Think of your pets as your kids. Now ask yourself why you need to take care of your kids and learn about their wellness. We are pretty sure that you got your answer. When you get a pet, you have an animal companion in your life and this companionship comes with the responsibility of animal wellness. As far as pet health is concerned, you must pay proper attention to their nutrition, sleep, physical activities, regular pet test, and every other basic need of your pet. 

Learning about your pets’ wellness is very important so that you can identify their abnormal behavior and offer them medical health whenever they need it. 

Regular trips to veterinarian’s clinic are mandatory for a healthy or any aging pet to detect any fatal disease before it does any considerable damage. While many pets can show the early signs of any illness that they might have acquired overtime, cats and dogs, on the other hand, are the masters of hiding their illnesses. They can successfully hide their illness unless or until the disease gets beyond the point of effective treatment.

Not taking your pets to the veterinarians is cruel and unjust on your pets’ part. Of course, there are a lot of pet owners who have had pets for many years now but they are still clueless about the pet’s wellness. If you are one such pet owner, then you need to learn about the importance of pet wellness. Having sufficient knowledge about pet wellness is important because, through yearly check-up, your pets will be given healthy doses of vaccinations, they will be treated for heartworms for example, and they will be timely dewormed. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. So educate yourself on the importance of pet wellness and book an appointment to the veterinarian for your pet right away. 


Who should be Concerned? 

Of course you and your family should be concerned about it. If you have got a pet, it’s your duty to make it a part of your family and treat it like your family. You must always be concerned about your pet health. Having a pet enhances your responsibility towards your animal welfare, and you must always recognize the unusual behavior of your pet so that you can find out if something is wrong with his health. 

The people who own aged pets should be more concerned about their pets’ health check-ups.  

Animals age faster than normal human beings which means that the one human year would convert to seven years of cats and 12 years for the first 2 years of dogs depending on the breed. According to this, your pets would age considerably faster and will develop fatal diseases quicker. So it is necessary to visit the veterinarians on a regular basis, especially if you have an aged pet at home, to detect kidney, diabetes, cancer, heartworms, arthritis, dental and thyroid gland diseases. 


When should you test your pet?

If you have a pet, you must realize that they need regular checkups to stay healthy. So if you have a dog or a cat, you must take proper care of your dog health or cat health. 

How often you should have a pet test? 

The answer to this question depends on the life stage of your pet, says Susan Barrett who is the head of community practice at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. 

For a kitten or a puppy (Birth – 1 year), you must visit a vet every 3-4 weeks for vaccines until your little one is 16 weeks old. 

For an adult (1 – 7-10 years (Depending on the breed you have)), you might see a vet once in a year for checkups. In this one checkup, the vet will give you all the reports and necessary tips to keep your pet healthy. Your dog may get vaccines to prevent illnesses like kennel cough, and outdoor cats should get feline leukemia vaccines. 

For seniors (7-10 years and older), twice-yearly pet test is recommended. At this stage, your pet may get required vaccines when needed and they go through a thorough medical exam. 

Note: It is advisable that you mention all the changes you have observed in pets so that it can help the vet find out the possibilities of sickness in your pet. 

Apart from that, you must see the vet whenever you notice any sickness signs in your pet. 

Signs that Your Pet is Sick:

  • Repeated vomiting, gagging, sneezing, or coughing.
  • Change in appetite (It can be both lack in appetite or excessive appetite
  • Excessive thirst
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Itchy or flaking skin
  • Runny nose or eyes
  • Progressive changes in weight
  • Lethargy or tiredness
  • Blood in urine

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, you may need to see a vet doctor as soon as possible. You must understand that animals have shorter life span than us and they age much faster than we do. Therefore it becomes necessary to give then an intensive care.

With the help of Pet Symptoms Checker, you can check the symptoms and diagnose if your pet is having any kind of medical situation or need medical help.


Where should the Pets be tested? (Home/Vets)

The first choice of treating you pet should always be taking them to the veterinarians because they have educated themselves about such parts of your pets’ body that you are not even aware of. Self-diagnose of the pets would only lead to more trouble. So it is always better to visit the pet wellness centers along with your pets for their routine check-ups.

If under some conditions, you are unable to take your pets to the vet then you can diagnose their illnesses on your own but with the help of the specified manuals and tools. There are a lot of pets’ home testing kits that can be put to use under such conditions.

You can easily diagnose your pets’ disease by using the manuals and the guides provided by such home testing kits. One such testing kit is provided by They have the feline as well as the canine wellness testing kit. Through this kit, any pet owner can diagnose small diseases such as urinary tract infection or life-threatening diseases such as diabetes with the help of the provided manuals.    

By now, you must have acquired the necessary information about the pets’ wellness. The pet wellness topic is very broad and has covered all the four legged animals. So if you specifically want to know about cat wellness, dog wellness orequine wellness, then these topics will be covered in the following articles.