P-Scoop Extendable Dog Urine Collector

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Extendable Dog Urine Collector for Testing
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  • Suitable for Male and Female Dogs of All Sizes and Breeds
  • Includes Collection Vial, Gloves and Retractable Handle for Ease of Collection
  • Usable, Compact and Lightweight Tool - Telescopic Handle Extends From 9” to 29”
  • Non Invasive, Pain Free and Reusable
  • Collect Urine Samples For Veterinary Analysis or At-Home Screening For UTI, Kidney Disease and Diabetes in Conjunction With PetConfirm General Wellness Test Kit
  • Easy and Clean Collection of Dog’s Urine From As Far as 29 Inches Away

The P-Scoop is designed to collect dog urine in a simple, clean and non-invasive method. The telescopic feature enables dog owners to stay at a distance while catching the urine midstream. The flat container slides easily under small and female dogs. Perfect tool to get a sample for veterinary analysis or home-testing. This device can be rinsed and reused. 

Ease and Convenience with the P-Scoop Dog Urine Sample Collector 

Collecting a dog, or any pet's urine sample for that matter, can be quite disgusting for some pet owners. No one wants their pets hurt, so wrestling or strangling the pet with a rope to collect a urine sample is certainly a no-no. The good thing is that there are methods by which dog urine sample collection can be both easy and convenient not only for the pet, but also for its owner. 

Some pet owners would use the most 'unique' tools to catch urine samples from their dogs. These unique tools may range from old frying pans to huge peanut spread containers. Also, the owner had to time their sample collection based on the regular times the pet urinates. Well, why use these old-fashioned methods when you can use a P-Scoop Dog Urine Sample Collector? 

The P-Scoop Dog Urine Sample Collector and its Benefits 

The P-Scoop Dog Urine Sample Collector makes collecting a urine sample less of a burden on the owner's part. It comes with an adjustable telescopic handle that can lengthen up to 29 inches. This product can provide the following benefits: 

  • Mess-free urine collection: It can be tiring and tricky to collect dog urine, but with the P-Scoop this is not a problem at all - collect urine cleanly using the product then store the sample in the vial that comes with the pack
  • Less time and hassle: The burden of dog urine collection includes the time one may have to spend in the entire process - thanks to the P Scoop's retractable handles, there is no need to chase the dog to get a urine sample
  • Pain-free: With the P-Scoop, there is no need to risk hurting your dog for wellness testing or experimental purposes
  • Great accessory: It can be used with the Paw Check/PetConfirm animal wellness testing kits

Get the P-Scoop Dog Urine Sample Collector now and see how convenient it is to have your pet tested right in your own home. Simply use the product according to the instructions provided in the package insert.

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    P Scoop

    Posted by Johnny pistol on Apr 15th 2019

    Product works, would have given 5 stars if cup as larger. Must precisely place to catch urine from a male dog. It was somewhat difficult but it still worked well.

  • 5
    Great for Collecting Urine

    Posted by Pet Owner on Aug 22nd 2016

    I used this product together with the Pet UTI test. It was a great way to collect urine to administer the test.