Paternity DNA Home Legal Buccal Test Kit

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Paternity DNA  Home Legal Buccal Test Kit
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  • We are pleased to offer confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable paternity testing
  • All Lab Costs are Included for 1 suspected father and 1 child
  • Our paternity tests verifies 23 Genetic Markers to Compare a Child’s DNA Pattern with that of an Alleged Father to Determine if There is a Match
  • Results Available Approximately 3-5 Business Days After Receipt of Sample at the Lab
  • Professional and confidential and a 1-844 number is available for questions
  • Simple cheek swab
  • Legal DNA testing results are approved and admissible in court

 LiveWellTesting is proud to be working with one of the most trusted DNA laboratories in the US. 

Not sure if you need an AABB-accredited court admissible test? LiveWellTesting is proud to be working with one of the most trusted DNA laboratories in the US. 

Paternity DNA tests determine the likelihood that a male is the biological father of a child. 

This product is not available for sale to New York residents.

DNA Lab Accreditations

AABB Certification

Endeavor lab is one of only a handful of DNA testing laboratories accredited by the AABB (previously known as the American Association of Blood Banks). They have passed a rigorous review and inspection of their testing processes and laboratory to insure that tests are being done accurately and thoroughly. Also, they participate in proficiency tests and are re-inspected bi-annually. Only an AABB accredited DNA laboratory is authorized to perform court admissible testing in the USA and provide testing services for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A2LA Certification

The A2LA is the largest multi-discipline laboratory accreditation system in the United States and is recognized by Accreditation Bodies in the European Union and other International Communities. A2LA accreditation imposes stricter requirements than ISO 17025: 2005 certification alone, particularly focusing on technical competence, traceability of measurements and the overall proficiency of the laboratory.

CAP Accreditation

The College of American Pathologists, the principal organization of board-certified pathologists, serves and represents the interest of patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine. Our lab is a member of CAP, and participates in its proficiency testing program.

 ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is the global standard for the technical competence of calibration and testing labs. As a laboratory accredited to ISO 17025:2005, our lab has incorporated an overall system for technical and quality management. This results in superior laboratory practices and customer service. We have implemented the ISO 17025 quality system in our laboratory and are fully accredited as of May 2016.


  • Are my paternity test results confidential?

Paternity test results are strictly confidential and will only be released to you. Any information obtained from paternity testing can only be used to determine a person's identity and does not reveal any other medical information.

  • Does the paternity test have to be done in a laboratory? 

The paternity test does not need to be performed in a laboratory. You can perform the paternity test at home and mail it in.

  • How accurate are the paternity test results?

Paternity laboratory inspection is not mandatory; therefore, there is a wide range of quality among DNA laboratories and the paternity test results they provide. Our laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory, which means we undergo rigorous inspections and adhere to the strictest of procedures, in order to provide you with the most accurate results available anywhere. Our Laboratories performs very extensive testing in all cases. Our DNA test is so stringent that it provides a level of accuracy that is over one million times greater than most state and federal government standards. This level is significantly higher than the tests performed at other laboratories.

  • How can I get my paternity test results?

The paternity test results will be mailed to you or to someone designated by you. Paternity test results are not given over the phone unless you have made prior arrangements to do so.

  • Who needs to be involved in a paternity test?

It is not necessary for the mother to be tested, but the paternity test results can be processed more quickly in that case. This allows her DNA to be eliminated from the test and allows the father's DNA to be more clearly seen.

  • What standards are used to ensure paternity tests are performed correctly?

We follow the standards set forth by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for performing DNA paternity tests Because we use 16 genetic markers, paternity test results usually are completely definitive. In the case of any ambiguities (perhaps caused by a poor sample), tests are repeated. We offer an Accuracy Guarantee. We employ specific procedures to protect against switching of samples and to maintain the confidentiality of our customers.

  •  Are your paternity tests dependable?

The American Association of Blood Banks has accredited our laboratories as parentage testing laboratories. We are a world leader in DNA testing and paternity testing with the quality and accuracy of our service.

  • Will the paternity test results give a conclusion that is 100% certain?

If paternal bands in the child's profile are not present in the man's profile, then he is not the father of the child. This will be reported as a definite exclusion. If all of the paternal bands in the child's profile are present in the man's profile, then the man is not excluded from being the father and a statistical analysis is carried out to define the strength of the evidence to support the assertion that he is the father. When the mother is taking part, the probability of paternity is usually reported to be in excess of 99.9%. If the mother is not taking part the probability of paternity should be in excess of 99%. Occasionally one band in the child's profile is not present in either the mother or claimed father's profile and then it may be necessary to carry out further work to clarify the claimed relationship. Thus paternity test results if done correctly claim at least 99% validity.