PurTest UV Water Disinfection System

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PurTest UV System Water Purifier
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  • Whole House Complete Water Purification System
  • All Parts Besides the UV Lamp Have a 1-Year Warranty Against Defective Parts, Disinfection Chamber Has 10-Year Guarantee
  • UV Systems Operate With No Moving Parts to Wear Out, Which Makes UV One of the Most Effective and Durable Water Treatment Methods on the Market
  • Protects Your Company or Household from Harmful Bacteria for as Little as Cents on the Gallon
  • UV Treatment Does Not Change the Taste, Odor, pH, or the General Chemistry of the Water. UV Systems Are Compatible With all Other Water Treatment Equipment Including Reverse Osmosis, Filtration, Water Conditioning, and Softening
  • The Models Available Correspond to the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) Filtered Water Flow (Please Ensure the Output is Correct For Your Home)
  • All Models Supplied With Flow Controls at 30,000 uws/cm2. Units Include Visual and Audible alarms, 30 Day Replacement Alarm, Lamp Life Expiration Alarm, Lamp Out Alarm, 1 Year Lamp Timer, Polished 304 Stainless Steel Chamber, Flow Control Included & 10 Year Warranty on Disinfection Chamber
  • Environmentally and User Friendly, With No Dangerous Chemicals to Handle or Store
  • Compatible With All Other Water Treatment Equipment
  • View PDFs Below to Learn More About the PurTest UV Water Disinfection System:

The PT series has an unique design with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp housed within a single quartz sleeve surrounded by a stainless steel pressure chamber. The chamber is fabricated out of 304 Stainless Steel.
These units come with an ultraviolet lamp designed with four pins at one end and a domed end quartz sleeve to protect the UV lamp from direct contact with the water and a control box.
The quartz sleeve is intended to be placed through the disinfection chamber and will slightly protrude through the threaded nipple. The ultraviolet lamp is placed within this quartz sleeve. The U.V. light shines through this specially designed hard quartz sleeve for maximum disinfection efficiency to meet the requirements for bacteria reduction in potable water.
The inlet is located on the bottom of the chamber and the outlet can be located on the top side of the UV chamber dependent upon the installation option selected. A sight Port is provided for safe and easy view of UV operation. A bracket is secured to the wall and the chamber is held in place by tightening the lock nut to both mounting bracket and chamber. A UV Control Box operates and monitors the UV Lamp status and provides visual and audible alarms when the UV lamp is out or requires Lamp replacement.