Shrinkx Bamboo Charcoal Post-Pregnancy Belly Wrap (NEW!)

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Belly Wrap for Post Pregnancy
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  • The Belly Wrap is Designed to Help New Mothers Lose Inches Off Their Belly and Waist Faster
  • Unique Bamboo Charcoal Increases Circulation and Metabolism Around Waist and Belly
  • Significantly Reduces Swelling, Inflammation, and Bloating
  • Adjustable, Moisture-Wicking, Latex-Free and Antibacterial
  • Provides Support After C-Section and Built in Boning Supports Lower Back

The average woman will gain 35 lbs during pregnancy, so it is no surprise that after delivery they are eager to get back in their pre-pregnancy shape. This cutting-edge bamboo charcoal fiber belly wrap will help new mothers lose inches off their belly and waist exponentially faster than conventional wraps. Bamboo charcoal has many unique therapeutic properties that increase blood flow and metabolism, reduce swelling, and speed healing. 

The Magic Behind Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal slims the belly and waist faster by increasing the circulation around the midsection. This increases metabolism, reduces swelling, and supports core abdominal muscles. While the compression reduces swelling and bloating to expedite weight loss, the bamboo charcoal has its own unique benefit; it naturally emits far infrared light and as this infrared light interacts with body heat, it helps to increase blood flow, speed healing, and sink swelling. This therapeutic effect goes above and beyond the beneficial effects of compression by itself. 

Where Does Bamboo Charcoal Come From?

Bamboo charcoal is a centuries-old therapeutic tradition. It is produced by burning bamboo for up to a week at nearly 1500°F. This results in a fine charcoal that is further ground into nano-particles, fused with polyester, and spun into fiber. 

For best results, wear the wrap immediately after delivery and as much as possible both day and night.    

Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal is available in two sizes (Small/Medium and Large/X-Large).