Twin Zygosity DNA Home Test Kit

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Twin Zygosity Home DNA Detection Kit
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  • Twin Zygosity Test Kits Use 23 Genetic Markers to Compare Twins DNA Patterns to Determine Whether They are Identical or Fraternal
  • Blood Versus Buccal Test Collection Methods Options:
    • Buccal - Simple Cheek Swab Collection 
    • Blood -  Non-Invasive Blood Spot Collection
  • Results Typically Available Approximately 3-5 Business Days After Receipt of Sample at the Lab
  • Zygosity Testing May be Helpful in Determining if a Health Condition Experienced by One Twin is Likely to be Experienced by the Other Twin
  • Donors May Request a Hard Copy of the Results to be Mailed for an Additional Fee 
  • Due to State Law, This Test Can Not Be Shipped to NY
  • View Sample Result Report Here